The Pros Basic Paddle Rules

The 3 Do Not’s:

1. Don’t hit drives into the net -give yourself a chance to win the point.
2. Don’t lob the ball long -a good lob is medium high to the service line or so.
3. Don’t hit service faults -make your opponent win the point. Serve stay back if need be.

10 Paddle Basics

1) 95% of the time the last person to hit the ball loses the point.
2) Lobbing is your most offensive shot.
3) Close in tight to the net.
4) Vary the pace of your serve more so than your placement.
S) Never drive the ball more than twice in a row. You should be moving forward if you drive.
6) First volley is the most important shot. Paddle square in front of chest, knees bent, feet square
to the net.
7) Sideways sport, except for volley -serve, lobs, drives, overheads.
8) Only forehand overheads, no backhand overheads.
9) Serve returners should favor stronger stroke, face sideways with back towards side screen, one
foot inside the court one foot outside.
10) Net players should be positioned to leave the third of the court which is diagonally opposite the striker open.

Difference Between Winning & Losing

1) Consistent Communication -It is a substitute for lack of positioning and confidence.
2) Take your time when serving especially when behind.
3) No Free Points, No Free Points, No Free Points.
4) Keep your opponents guessing on their return.
5) Middle over heads are your friend (and remember……………so is your partner).