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    BPC Team

    Hello BPC –

    Our paddle season is off to a great start and court reservations especially over the weekends are in full swing. Being early in the season, now is a good time to remind members of our number one housekeeping rule. Please make careful note of the following:

    BPC maintains a strict carry in, carry out policy. This includes your guests too. Please be mindful we do not have personnel to clean up after you. If you create trash, please bring it with you when you leave. If another member has been forgetful and left their trash either in the Hut or around the courts, please remind them of our carry in, carry out policy.

    During league play and any other event or gathering at the club, the Hut as well as around the courts, should be left in better condition than how you found it. The rule of thumb is “if it was not there when you arrived, it should not be there when you leave”. Please do your share and a bit more for those members who tend to forget.

    The storage shed accommodates all trash barrels, equipment, paper products, utensils, unopened food, water, and a Lost and Found bin for clothes, water bottles, and bags left behind. When in doubt, put it in the shed or carry it out.

    We trust this friendly reminder will be enough to keep our club grounds clean and free of debris as we do our part in keeping the Pine Manor campus beautiful.

    Thank you and Paddle on.

    BPC Team

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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