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    BPC Team

    Folks, I’ve been a member at BPC for a few years and am interested in being more active. A couple years back I helped form the Sunday round robins, which seem to have taken on a nice life. I hope to rejoin that group soon (I’ve been injured … no comments Chip!).

    If there is interest in a mixed doubles league I’d be willing to lead the charge and coordinate. One minor problem … I need a partner and I bet a few others might as well.

    So … if you are interested in participating and/or helping to manage this with me. Please respond to this post AND the following questions;

    1. I would like to participate Y/N (if the answer is N, please don’t reply !!!)
    2. I would like to help manage Y/N
    3. I have a partner and their name is: _______________________, we consider ourselves (beginners, advanced beginners, intermediate, advanced)
    4. I need a partner.

    I’m thinking of a post January 1 start, with a ten match season ending in mid-March. Goal will be to get one match in a week, schedule your own court time based on your availability.

    Let’s see what interest there is and I will get back to you.

    Paul Sereiko

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