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    BPC Team

    Welcome! The Hut is our virtual clubhouse where members convene and share information, set up matches, schedule lessons, and meet new players.

    We encourage you to actively participate, post new topics, and subscribe to receive email updates from topics of interest to you.

    A few items to keep in mind:

    1. When you create a New Topic or reply to an existing Topic you have the option to select “email me when someone replies”.  So for example, you will receive an email notification when someone replies to your discussion from The Hut.

    2. Replying to the email notification via your own email does not mean you have replied on The Hut. You must login to The Hut to leave a reply for the person who originally made the post. Your message will not be received if you only “reply” to the email notification from your own email.

    3. You are automatically subscribed to receive email notifications when new posts have been added at The Hut. You may unsubscribe by sending a message to us using the form on the Contact us page.

    4. Please remember that although publishing to this forum is restricted to only members, the content you publish is open to public viewing.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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