Survey Form

You have been sent an email requesting your feedback as we believe you are a strong candidate for a new BPC paddle team.

This survey is designed to obtain your feedback regarding BPC’s decision to add a fifth team to the Greater Boston Platform Tennis League (check out website GBPTL) starting in January 2020. Here is what you need to know:

  • The Greater Boston Platform Tennis League has six divisions providing competitive paddle matches for club teams throughout the Greater Boston region.
  • BPC currently has four teams entered in the GBPTL in divisions 1, 2, 3, and 5.
  • The fifth BPC team will be entered into division 6.
  • We are looking for at least 25 committed players (men and women) to fulfill at least 7 lines each week.
  • The team is for men and women who are at least advanced beginners (can get your serve in) to intermediate players looking for competitive play.
  • Participation on this team provides the opportunity to advance to higher BPC league teams.
  • The BPC team will compete against other clubs in the Greater Boston area, with clubs as close as The Country Club, Brae Burn and Wellesley and as far as North Andover, Cape Anne, and Essex.
  • Rostered players are expected to play at least 4 of the 8 regular season matches as well as be available for playoff matches.
  • Rostered players are expected to assist with hosting duties for assigned home matches which may include the purchase of food and drink, as well as setup and clean up.


We would appreciate you taking a minute to complete the form below. If you are interested but it does not work for the upcoming Winter season, use the comments space to tell us so.

    Your Name:

    Would you like to play on the new BPC 5 Team starting January 2020?

    Are you able to commit to at least 4 of 8 regular season matches to be played on a week night evening (TBD, perhaps Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) between 6pm and 9pm, January through March?

    Are you willing to travel to other clubs in the Greater Boston region, week day evenings, sometimes during rush hour?

    Are you willing to assist in hosting duties for a home match to include purchasing food/drink, setup and clean up?

    Would you like to be considered for Team Captain which requires team communication, manage player availability, schedule lineups, coordinate logistics with other team captains?

    Feel free to provide any other comments below: